Valuable Tips to Stop Hair Loss


You don’t really have to spend a lot of money in order to take care of your hair loss problems. There are many natural solutions that are cheap, yet they are highly effective means to stop hair loss.

Natural hair loss remedies are being used by many people who want to grow back their hair. These remedies and techniques are safe, cheap, and simple to implement. The following are some guides on how to stop hair loss.

  • Always keep your hair clean. It will protect them from dandruff, itching and hair lice, which ultimately results in hair regrowth treatment
  • Use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner, depending on your hair type.
  • For problems with dandruff, add rosemary and/or patchouli essential oils to your shampoo or mix with almond oil as a hair treatment for your scalp.
  • You can make oil at home for falling hair. Boil henna and neem leaves in mustard oil till the leaves get almost dissolved in it. Let it cool and then filter. Add few camphor cubes to it and fill in a bottle. Use this oil to massage on your hair to stop hair loss.
  • Add essential oil of ylang ylang to your shampoo, conditioner and styling agents as a hair rejuvenator and to stimulate hair growth.
  • Tame your frizzy hair by rubbing coconut oil into your hands and applying sparingly onto your hair. Don’t overdo it, because too much will make your hair look greasy. Shampooing your hair less frequently also helps with the frizzies.
  • Give regular massages to your scalp and hair. You can choose coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil for your hair. You can even mix these ingredients and apply the solution on your hair.
  • Never comb your hair when they are wet. The roots of the hairs are the weakest when they are wet.
  • Keep the hair wrapped in a towel for a while then let them dry in natural air as excess usage of hair dryer damages the hair texture and makes them weak which will ultimately lead to hair fall.
  • Get your hair trimmed every month so that there are no split ends left.
  • Avoid using too harsh clips or bands on the hair and never make hair too tight.
  • Protect the hair from dust and sun. Cover your head while going in the direct sun.
  • Eating iron rich fruits and food helps in preventing the hair fall. Include apples and beetroots in your daily diet. They are rich in iron so help to prevent your hair fall.
  • Rinse your hair with baking soda and water to rid your hair of shampoo build-up and styling residues. Rinsing your hair with one juiced lemon and one cup of water is said to bring life and shine back to dull hair. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water will give your hair shine and bounce.
  • Chamomile and lemon juice have a mild bleaching effect on hair. Mix chamomile tea with lemon juice and use as a rinse to lighten hair.

These are only a few of the methods and techniques you can use to stimulate hair growth and maintain healthy hair. There are at least a thousand natural ways to stop hair loss. So saying, we should be thankful that Mother Nature has provided us with natural remedies for all sorts of ailments.

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