Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Know about the Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Located on the south west coast region of India, Andhra Pradesh is the fourth largest state in the country. This beautiful state holds a number of green hill tops, wildlife jungles, beaches, historical forts & monuments, lush gardens and much more. Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is famous for its natural beauty, cuisine, bridges, lakes and hills.

Famous tourist places

Are you excited to explore an ancient destination with rich history and tradition? Planning to visit any pilgrimage spots in India? If the answer is “yes”, then it is time to make a trip to Andhra Pradesh with your friends and family. The natural and scenic beauty of the destination overwhelms the tourists and offers them great satisfaction. It is believed that the state was initially ruled by the “Nawabs” for a considerable period. Some of the historical monuments visible in Andhra Pradesh include Charminar, Golconda Fort, Purani Haveli, Raymond’s Tomb, Amaravati Museum and so on. Now, let us have a brief look at some of the top tourist places in Andhra Pradesh below:

Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort is one of the amazing tourist spots that is situated 11 Km west of Hyderabad. There are around nine villages in Golkanda Mandal such as Dargah Hussain Shahwali, Lunger House, Toli Chowki, Sakkubai Nagar, Ibrahim Bagh Lines and more. This destination is widely famous for Kohinoor and Hope diamonds. One of the major highlights in the Golkonda Fort is the “Sound & Light show” which takes place on different schedules.

Warangal Fort

Situated in the Warangal district, Warangal Fort was constructed in the 13th century by the Kakatiya dynasty. Moreover, the fort has beautifully-carved arches, elegant towers, imposing gateways and strong pillars. It is estimated to know that the construction of the fort started on 1199 A.D and completed on 1261 A.D. This fort would be a great tourist destination for all the business travelers and leisure lovers.

Araku Valley

ArakuValley is considered to be the major tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh. This amazing hill station is widely known among the tourists for its lush green valleys, waterfalls, streams, scenic beauty and so on. Travelers interested to visit a forest area can step into this destination and explore great fun than before. It is exactly located at an altitude of 3,100 feet on the Eastern Ghat. Popularly known as Ooty of Andhra, Araku Valley offers a wide range of entertainment options for the tourists. Traditional folk dances like Mayuri and Dhimsa are been performed by the village people in the Araku Valley.

Famous tourist places

Beaches & Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh

Stepping into the tourist destination will enable the tourists to spend great time in a peaceful surrounding. Further, don’t miss to view the beaches and waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh. Bapatla Beach, Ramakrishna Beach and Rishikonda Beach are some of the popular beaches in the state. It is time to move to your favorite destination and feel the real pleasure with your beloved ones!

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