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Threading Eyebrows

What is Threading Eyebrows?

Threading eyebrows has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years. This practice originated in Arab countries and once symbolized a girl become a woman. Today threading has become a very popular way of removing unwanted hair from the eyebrows as well as other areas of the face.
The Technique

The technique of threading eyebrows looks very simple, but it is actually a lot more complicated than it looks. First, the practitioner takes a ball of cotton thread. After that, he or she uses the thread to pull the unwanted hair from the follicle.

One of the main reasons that threading eyebrows has become so popular is because it is a viable alternative to other methods of hair removal. Below is a comparison of brow threading to other methods of hair removal.

Brow Threading vs. Shaving

Threading the brows helps the come out a lot nicer and neater than shaving. Shaving only removes hair from the surface, which is why the results only last a few days. It may also leave behind an unwanted stubble. Threading removes hair from the follicle, which is why it takes weeks to grow back.

Brow Threading vs. Plucking

Plucking the eyebrows is tedious and time-consuming. It may also leave behind stray hairs. Threading is a lot quicker because it removes a large amount of hair at the same time. Additionally, threading the eyebrows also helps them come out a lot neater.

Brow Threading vs. Waxing

Waxing is a popular method of removing unwanted hair from the eyebrows because the results last several weeks. However, it can also burn the skin whereas threading does not. Threading also lasts just as long, if not longer than waxing. The chemicals used during waxing may also cause an allergic reaction. There is no chemicals used during threading so the chances of having an allergic reaction are minimal. Waxing removes a layer of skin along with the hair, which can make a person more susceptible to sun damage. Threading does not remove a layer of the skin.

Cons of threading

Brow threading is a great alternative to many other methods, but it does not have its drawbacks. Many people find that threading is painful. It is also important to note that threading can only be done by a professional in the salon. People who live in small cities may have trouble finding a salon.

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