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Meta Tag Author

The purpose of the meta tag author is to list the person/business who created the content of your web page.

Proper Implementation
The meta tag author should only contain the name of the person or business who created the content of the web page. This meta tag can also contain the email address of the author.


Most/all websites that list other web pages (such as search engines and directories) are interested in what your web page is about so they can display it to interested users. The author of the web page isn’t relevant to their goal.

Conclusion: Unnecessary

HTML Code Placement
Place the HTML code for the meta tag author between the opening head tag (<head>) and closing head tag </head>.

This is an example of what the meta tag author could be for this web page.

Meta Tag Author: Way2seoservices

Example with HTML Code
Here is the above example inside the HTML code for the meta tag author.

<meta name=”author” content=”Way2seoservices”>

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