Meta Tag Category Importance Importance in SEO Meta Tag Category

Meta Tag Category

The purpose of the meta tag category is to tell search engines and directories what categories encompass your web page. That way they can better classify your web page.

Proper Implementation
The meta tag category should only contain words and phrases that are more general than the topic of your web page. Don’t put specific keywords or descriptions in this tag.

Make each word or phrase lowercase and use a comma to separate them.

Visitors can’t see the meta tag category so webmasters may be more likely to list irrelevant categories in hopes of getting their web page listed in more places than it otherwise would be. Search engines and directories know that webmasters may do this and as a result are unlikely to use the meta tag category to determine where to list your web page.

Conclusion: Unnecessary

HTML Code Placement
Place the HTML code for the meta tag category between the opening head tag (<head>) and closing head tag </head>.

This is an example of what the meta tag category could be for this web page.

Meta Tag Category: meta tag, meta tags, seo, search engine optimization

Example with HTML Code
Here is the above example inside the HTML code for the meta tag category.

<meta name=”category” content=”meta tag, meta tags, seo, search engine optimization”>

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