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Healthy diet foods are not hard to find, but it does help to know what exactly we should be looking for and why.

In getting started on a healthy diet, I suggested asking and answering three questions of yourself, one of which made a simple distinction between the foods you eat: processed, or unprocessed. This is a critical distinction that goes beyond the general belief that if you just include fruits and veggies in your diet you’ll be fine. However, a lot of people today do not eat their fruits and veggies raw and organic, which renders them nutritionally useless at best, and toxic to your body at worst.

When thinking about the food you eat, think of it as the fuel, oil, and coolant you put in your car. The better grade liquids you put in, the better performance you get. The same is true for our bodies: The better, nutrient-rich foods we put in, the better performance we get.

We all know that certain types of diets (high fats, high sugars, etc) can lead to serious health conditions. Well guess what? Most processed foods are nothing but highly processed fats and sugars!

Unfortunately, if you try to read the nutritional information and ingredient lists on the back of a food product you will be confronted with all kinds of terms and percentages that will make your head spin. What are those B vitamins and why do you need them? Sure you’re supposed to avoid fat, but not omega-3 fatty acids! What is the difference between soluble fiber and dietary fiber?

These are just a few of the questions that present themselves to someone trying to decode their food, and it should not be that hard to figure out healthy diet foods! So let’s make it simple, below you can find an ever grow in list of articles on

  • the key vitamins and minerals your diet should include, an explanation of what each one does, and the foods you can find them in.
  • an explanation on the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates and why you need to dump one and boost the other!
  • a whole list of heart healthy foods.
  • brain food to get your mind running.
  • a no fuss, no hype list of the all-important super foods that have been found to really pack a nutrient punch!

Now this is just raw information. The next step, is what do you do with with it? Rather than radically rearrange your current foods (unless radical action is called for), pick a meal in your day and add a couple of nutrient rich whole foods to the meal. There are tons of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that can introduce to the goodness of natural foods.

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