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garlic benefits

Garlic Benefits

Always a popular element in cooking, garlic has many health benefits that can be unlocked by those looking to use the bulb. Scientific research has revealed that there are many tangible garlic health benefits that can help both men and women lead longer, happier lives. Presented here are some of those findings as well as some facts about garlic as a health booster that have long been known. By adding a little garlic to your meal, you are doing your body a favor.

A Natural Source of a Surprising Nutrient

Most garlic benefits derive from the fact that garlic is a natural supply of hydrogen sulfide. This is an unusual nutrient for people to seek out, since it is poisonous to humans at a high concentration. Luckily, garlic does not provide high enough doses of hydrogen sulfide to be toxic. It does boost the body’s natural production of the chemical on a level that serves as a natural antioxidant. The juice found within garlic thus helps to relax blood vessels within the body and increase blood flow. This in turn gives a boost to the immune system and plays an important role in helping the body fight off potential cancers. Despite producing a chemical usually seen as dangerous, garlic is a sort of super vegetable.

Great for the Heart

The cardiovascular system benefits from garlic the most. By relaxing the blood vessels, garlic allows the body to flush toxins out faster. This reduces the buildup of cholesterol and other dangers that can clog blood vessels, leading to heart attacks or strokes. If you exercise regularly, eating some garlic on a daily basis will also boost your stamina. Since your circulation increases, exhaustion is slowed down. Garlic can also help in preventing blood clots. Clots occur when a blockage in a vessel results in a buildup of platelets. With relaxed blood vessels, the likelihood of a clot diminishes.

Benefits to the Rest of the Body

Garlic benefits may seem too good to be true, but garlic is indeed the super food it is made out to be. In addition to the cardiovascular benefits listed above, garlic provides health benefits to the rest of the body as well. The chemicals in garlic serve as a minor anti-inflammatory, which can help relieve joint pain and symptoms of arthritis. Those same chemicals are toxic to bacteria, meaning that garlic can boost the immune system by destroying dangerous bacteria and even some viruses. By boosting the immune system, garlic also reduces the risk of virtually all cancers, with the only exceptions being prostate and breast cancer, both of which are treatable if detected early.

Garlic has a bit of a stigma because the way it makes the breath smell. However, the same chemicals that make garlic smell so bad also provide important health benefits in all areas of the body. Given the choice, adding a bit of extra garlic to your diet and then chewing some gum to freshen your breath is much better than the alternative.

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