Calories in Apple – Diet Secrets


Need to know how many calories in apple? If you are asking the question you need to stop and think about your approach to losing weight and dieting. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, we all know that. It’s an old wive’s tale but it works and is something of a weight-loss secret.

Aside from the obvious benefits of eating apples – high in fibre, low in calories (around 85 in an average dessert apple) and cheap and easy to obtain – they can help detox your body and so set you up for not only losing weight but then keeping it off. Much of what we eat is rubbish that our bodies is keeping away from our organs and storing as fat and toxins in various nooks and crannies.

By eating a single apple first thing in the morning, we can clear the way through our dietary system and so keep it clean and healthy. Aside from the beneficial enzymes contained within it, apples are very high fibre, easily digested and so do not require much digesting – unlike meat or weight and dairy products. So, whilst you are eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner the apple is speeding through your dietary tracts, taking with it as many impurities as it can.

But note: to make use of the internal cleansing benefits of apple, you have to eat your apple or apples first thing in the morning, before you consume any other solids. If you have even a slice of toast and then your apple, the benefits are lost and may even be reversed as the apple is prevented from travelling quickly through your body by the wheat “log-jam”.

To make use of the powerful enzymes contained in apples, drink a glass or two of freshly squeezed apple juice with your lunch and dinner. But extract the juice yourself and drink it straight away, otherwise the yeast in the air will quickly convert your lovely juice to cider. Contrary to popular belief, apple juice in cartons is not a very natural product, as the juice has to be treated to prevent it from fermenting. Though there are very few – if any – benefits from drinking it, cider is the truly natural apple drink!

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