All you need for growing pineapple is a pineapple

Growing Pineapple

All you need for growing pineapple is a pineapple, some dirt and a large pot. If you live in a very warm climate where it never freezes you can plant your pineapple plant directly into the ground. If you live where there are cold conditions, you can start growing pineapple indoors.

There are a few different ways that you can go about growing pineapple, but they all begin with the same first step. You have to go to wherever you shop for fruits and buy a pineapple. Make sure it is nice and firm, golden, and has the sweet smell of fresh pineapple.

Pineapples do not have seeds so you will never grow a pineapple using seeds. The first step in growing pineapple is to cut off the top of the pineapple. That’s the part with the spiky leaves, otherwise known as the crown. When you cut off the top also take about an inch of the pineapple fruit with it.

Here, people differ about what to do next, but this method is the easiest. If you live in tropical or near tropical conditions, take the top of the pineapple outside and plant it in the yard. Dig a hole big enough to bury the fruit part of the pineapple and the top of a few leaves. Leave the rest of the leaves so you can see them above ground. Pack the dirt around it. To an innocent bystander it will look like a pineapple sitting underground.

If you are going to grow the pineapple inside, get a very large pot, fill it with planting mixture, leave room to put the top of the pineapple in the pot and pack the dirt around it just as we discussed above for outside planting. The next thing to do in both instances is to water the newly planted pineapple. Pineapples like very dry soil so you won’t have to water it often–hardly at all if it’s an outside pineapple plant, and a couple times a week if it is an inside plant. Make sure if you have frost where you live that you make it an indoor plant.

After that, really all you do is wait. Some people fertilize the plant occasionally and some people don’t. Pineapples are low-maintenance plants. If you live in a cold area set your pineapple plant outside in the late spring after all danger of frost is past and bring it back inside before the first fall frost. In approximately a year you should see new plant growth. After the plant has established itself with new growth, it will produce one flower and that flower will produce a pineapple in 18-24 months. And yes, this is an edible pineapple. It will just be much smaller that the ones you see in the store.

Some people use a method other than planting the pineapple top directly in soil. It is supposed to produce a pineapple a little quicker. In this method you take the top off without cutting any of the fruit with it. The cut is made right at the base where the stem and the fruit meet. Pull off all but 6-7 leaves near the center. You then set it outside to dry (in warm weather) for two days. When you bring it in, you fill a pint jar with water–not to the top. Put the shoot ½-inch into the water. The water should not touch the leaves.

Place your jar is a bright spot but not in direct sunlight for several weeks. Once you see roots beginning to grow, transplant the pineapple plant into a large pot with well-drained soil. Now set the pot in the same bright spot. Once there is new growth, fertilize the plant once a month with a complete fertilizer. In a year you should start to get a red budding flower, and in another six months the pineapple will be ready to eat.

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